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  • ARMORED SAINT/Ex-ANTHRAX Singer JOHN BUSH: Metal Can Be Real 'Safe' Sometimes

    On May 23, Jay Nanda of San Antonio Metal Music Examiner and AXS.com conducted an interview with former ANTHRAX and current ARMORED SAINT singer John Bush in San Antonio, Texas. You can now watch the chat below. Bush, who was offered an opportunity to join METALLICA in the early '80s but turned it down, was asked how he thinks he would have felt about METALLICA's musical progression from the "…And Justice For All" album to the "black" album to "Load" and "Reload". "That's a funny question," Bush responded. "You know, METALLICA is one of those bands that are so big — especially after the 'black' album — that the automatic thing for a lot of people was to have the backlash happen. Same thing kind of happened to a band like U2; after, like, what was it… 'Achtung Baby', there was gonna be this backlash because it just becameso massive. And I think it was easy to do that for METALLICA. But, the thing I always… and I'm not just blowing smoke… The truth of the matter is that the thing I really always respected about METALLICA is they were willing to do things and take chances, and sometimes people don't always follow along with the chances. And it's bold for a band to do that. I prefer a band to do that than to continue to play it safe and put out the same kind of material all the time and do something that's just kind of expected. I would rather have somebody say, 'Let's do something different, take a chance, write some music like this.'" He continued: "You know, they [the METALLICA guys] all cut their hair [in the early '90s]. Possibly some of that was a little bit strategic… Maybe not… I don't know. But, at the end of the day, again, my favorite artists are ones that stick their neck out and don't [do things] conservatively. And it's funny, 'cause I notice metal… And the last thing we ever think about is metal being safe, but I think metal can be real safe sometimes. You know, the image, the style of music… Sometimes people just kind of go back to the drawing board all the time. And as a musician, I can't do that; it's just not fulfilling to me. So I feel like I would be kind of mailing it in if I did that. So I'd rather take a chance and have somebody go, 'I didn't like that, but it was different.' Then, you know, fair enough." ARMORED SAINT will release its seventh studio album on June 2 in North America via Metal Blade. Titled "Win Hands Down", the CD was produced by bassist Joey Vera and mixed by Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER, STONE SOUR).


  • YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Says His Technical Ability Makes It Easier For Him To Express Himself Emotionally Through His Music

    In a brand new interview with Australia's The AU, legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen was asked about the emotional aspect of his art, as opposed to using only using the technical side of his music to move people so profoundly. "Well, it's funny, because a lot of people misunderstand that," he said, "Because if you have the technical ability on an instrument, you can actually express yourself emotionally much more efficiently. In other words, if you have the knowledge of exactly what scales, or you know exactly what the vibrato should be, and how to express that note… that only comes with a lot of knowledge and technique of the instrument." He continued: "A lot of people don't expect that because I always use technique, but it's also how you convey and relate the feeling. So, if you have a feeling and you play it in a tune, it's only for you, no one else can really understand what you mean. Whereas if you have the ability on the instrument, then the emotions could be much stronger, more well put out and more projected, because of that. So whether you play fast or slow, it doesn't really matter. Your ability will take care of the conveyance of the emotion in the music. It's the same thing with Ernest Hemingway, or anybody who does something and tries to express something. The art form has to be proficient." Yngwie is currently working on a new studio album for a late 2015 release. He told Australia's 3D Radio about the recording process for the CD: "Well, it's changed somewhat because [I have] my [own] recording studio now. And it's in my house. And it's not like a home studio; it's a full-blown studio. And it's in here. And I go in here and I see what happens. If I like what I hear, then I use it. If I don't like it, I don't use it. And in the past, I used to do demos. I would do demos, and rehearse it with the band and you rent the studio and go in and record it and so forth. It was a very different process because by the time it was actually recorded, it had gone through so many stages that the spontaneity was gone. Now, it's here now; it's here now. And it's a lovely thing." Yngwie released a live album, "Spellbound Live In Tampa", and a live DVD, "Spellbound Live In Orlando", last summer. The two releases represent back-to-back Malmsteen shows. The CD and DVD, both of which are named after Malmsteen's latest studio album, 2012's "Spellbound", were issued on September 17, 2014.

  • SAMMY HAGAR Fires Back At DAVID LEE ROTH Over 'Credibility Issue' Comments

    Ex-VAN HALEN frontman Sammy Hagar has fired back at the band's current singer, David Lee Roth, over comments Roth made about the possibility of VAN HALEN ever performing Hagar-era material with Dave on vocals. Speaking to Billboard earlier this month, Roth was asked if he would ever consider tackling any of the songs that were originally recorded with Hagar during VAN HALEN's upcoming tour. Roth responded: "Well, there's a credibility issue there. Good, bad or in the middle, you know Roth means it; the other guy doesn't. And that's why it sold half as well. Literally, Midas Bible half. Never did better than half. And why would you bring that into the proceedings? This hamburger don't need no helper. [There] ain't no rehearsing pants in my closet." Hagar has since responded to Roth's comments, questioning whether Roth could handle the vocals on a Hagar-sung VAN HALEN hit like "Right Now". "The [VAN HALEN] boys are out on tour — happily doing well, I hope," Hagar said while introducing a live version of the song by his new band THE CIRCLE during the latest edition of the "Sammy Hagar's Top Rock Countdown" radio show, "but they're not playing any Van Hagar songs. My buddy Diamond said it was something about a quality issue. I laughed. I'm cracking up. You know, sometimes the guy says the wackiest things. But there's a lot of truth in that. A quality issue — you think about that. Think about them with Diamond, singing this next song, it would definitely be a quality issue, okay? [Chuckles] It would definitely be a quality issue." Back in 2002, Roth and Hagar toured together performing separate sets and alternating the closing spot every night. Although Hagar has been known to fire a few zings Roth's way, Roth has never made any excuse about not being cool with Hagar taking over his role as VAN HALEN frontman, as he said during that tour when asked if things were patched up between the two. "Well, can you define patched up? [Laughs] It turned into a color… What is rock 'n' roll without a little bit of conflict, without a little bit of a drama? But I think that most of what's been going on with the Roth-Hagar tour is purely for your listening and dancing pleasure. Come on, what's the worst that a couple of rock stars could possibly do? A little slap fighting, an elaborate healing process and a reunion tour." VAN HALEN kicks off its 41-date North American tour on July 5 in Auburn, Washington at White River Amphitheatre.

  • QUEENSRŸCHE's MICHAEL WILTON On Next Album: 'There's Some Serious Depth To This Record'

    On May 22, Jay Nanda of San Antonio Metal Music Examiner and AXS.com conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE guitarist Michael Wilton in San Antonio, Texas. You can now watch the chat below. Speaking about the progress of the recording sessions for the follow-up to QUEENSRŸCHE's 2013 self-titled album, Wilton said: "Actually, we just finished recording all the music, and right now it's being mixed and mastered, and then it will be delivered to our record label, Century Media Records. And we're look at an end-of-September [or] early-October release." He continued: "I can't tell you the name [of the album] yet, 'cause we're… not ready to tell you the name yet. [Laughs] But it's really been a great endeavor. We've actually had more time to grow with all the great talent in the band. And everybody's really united and the music is really encompassing probably the first five QUEENSRŸCHE records and evolving naturally, like QUEENSRŸCHE does on each album. And I can hardly wait for everybody to hear this, 'cause it's really varied and there's some serious depth to this record." Wilton also talked about QUEENSRŸCHE's attempt to raise $2 million by selling stakes in what the band's securities attorney called a "new holding company for all things QUEENSRŸCHE" that will receive the revenues from its tours, merchandising, album sales and digital downloads. For a minimum investment of $50,000, fans who pass an independent accreditation process can purchase an equity ownership stake from a private consolidated holding company that entitles them to "a fixed percentage" of future revenue. "There's two phases," Wilton explained. "We did a PledgeMusic account, where we… These days, basically, you don't get huge advances from the record companies anymore, so bands who are doing this are doing special offerings on PledgeMusic and bringing the fans into the investment — like pre-buying the CDs, buying a guitar, buying a drum set, some time spent with the band, and all these things. And then we took it up to [another] level where we actually have… 'Cause we are are a business, and businesses sell shares to make the company bigger. So it's kind of an equity raise that we did centered around the [provision of the 2013] JOBS Act [that allows promoters to publicize a private stock placement, though only 'accredited investors' are eligible to invest] that was brought into the Congress a few years ago. And it's just… For small businesses, I guess, they can do this. Anybody can do this; you just have to have a corporation, which we happen to have. So, yeah, we're offering a small percentage of it to raise capital to build… to bring QUEENSRŸCHE back to the day of big, huge performances, with visuals and lots more video and videos. That's kind of what you need these days, right?! 'Cause the CD sales aren't as huge as they used to be. So it's a creative way for bands to do things. And if you have a corporation, you can always offer a little bit. And we've got a few people that have done that, and now they're members of the QUEENSRŸCHE machine and get to endure a lot of fun. It's just a business thing. It's non-musical. It's just hardcore business." QUEENSRŸCHE's new album was recorded in part at Uberbeatz Studio in Washington with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (ROB ZOMBIE, HATEBREED, SOULFLY, SHADOWS FALL). "Queensrÿche" sold around 13,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 23 on The Billboard 200 chart. The record arrived in stores on June 25, 2013 via Century Media Records.

  • POISON Singer BRET MICHAELS Buys Home In Westlake Village, California For $3.49 Million

    According to the Los Angeles Times, POISON singer Bret Michaels has purchased a home in Westlake Village, California for $3.49 million. The 2.6-acre property, which was built in 1989, includes a two-story 6,683-square-foot house with six bedrooms and six bathrooms, plus a powder room. There are also a library/office, a family room wet bar with a temperature-controlled wine wall; a gym; as well as a swimming pool, a sports court, manicured lawns, fountains, an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, patios, decks and walkways. Michaels recently listed his house in a gated Calabasas community for $3.649 million. Bret has just released rock-and-country-crossover single, "Girls On Bars". The song was co-written with Michaels's good friend and fellow Pennsylvanian Luke Laird, who is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter of hits like LITTLE BIG TOWN's "Pontoon", Eric Church's "Talladega" and Luke Bryan's "I See You"." "Girls On Bars" is the first single from Bret's upcoming album, "True Grit", featuring 21 new and classic Michaels hits, including POISON classics "Nothin' But A Good Time", "Something To Believe In" and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". Released on May 5, the CD features guest appearances by Jimmy Buffett, LYNYRD SKYNYRD's Gary Rossington and Rickey Medlocke, Rascal Flatts and Loretta Lynn.

  • CHARLIE BENANTE Says ANTHRAX Has 'Over 20 Songs' For Next Album

    On May 24, Jay Nanda of San Antonio Metal Music Examiner and AXS.com conducted an interview with ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante at the River City Rockfest in San Antonio, Texas. You can now watch the chat below. Asked about the progress of the recording sessions for the follow-up to ANTHRAX's 2011's album, "Worship Music", Benante said: "It's a good thing to say that we have so many songs that that's why it's taking a little bit longer than usual. Like, if we just went it and had eleven [or] twelve songs, we'd probably be done by now. But we have over twenty songs, so… You know, we just wanna make sure each one of 'em is great, even though we're not gonna put twenty songs out right away. We just wanna make sure it's good, because we feel so strongly about the last one, and we don't just wanna rush something. We wanna make it great, so that when people hear it, they'll be, like, 'This is killer. A great follow-up.' So [there's] a little bit of pressure. But I think we have some really good tunes." ANTHRAX's new album, which is once again being produced by Jay Ruston (STEEL PANTHER, STONE SOUR), will mark the recording debut for guitarist and newest bandmember Jon Donais. ANTHRAX last month embarked on a six-week-plus North American tour with VOLBEAT, as well as appearances at five major outdoor festivals — Northern Invasion (outside of Minneapolis), Rock On The Range (Columbus, Ohio), Rocklahoma (Pryor, Oklahoma), and the San Antonio and Kansas City Rockfests. The band's setlist features the new song "Soror Irrumator (Lords Of The Rock)", ANTHRAX's contribution to the the second installment of "Catch The Throne: The Mixtape", for HBO's Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning series "Game Of Thrones".

  • DRAGONFORCE: Video Rundown Of 'Maximum Overload' Tour Gear

    GearGods.net recently got a rundown of most of DRAGONFORCE's live gear for the band's 2015 U.S. "Maximum Overload" tour. Check out the footage below. DRAGONFORCE will release its debut DVD, "In The Line Of Fire", on July 10 via Metal Blade. Shot in high definition during the band's show at 2014’s Loud Park festival at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan, the DVD was filmed using nine camera angles to capture the raw energy of DRAGONFORCE's show and instrumental dexterity for which they are rightly celebrated worldwide. The track listing for "In The Line Of Fire" contains a mixture of new songs from DRAGONFORCE's latest album, "Maximum Overload", and foot-stomping anthems and lightning-fast shred-fests from previous releases. DRAGONFORCE is in the middle of the "Maximum Overload" world tour, which commenced in September 2014 and is due to conclude in 2016. Commented DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li: "We always held the opinion that if we ever did a DVD, we wanted to do it properly. Now, having released six studio albums, we thought we had a great cross section of material to pick from and we knew the facilities at Loud Park made it a great place to film a show. Everything just came together and we’re very pleased with the results and hope the fans will be also." "Maximum Overload" was released in August 2014 in North America via Metal Blade and in Europe through earMUSIC, the Hamburg, Germany-based international rock label which is part of Edel Group. The CD was recorded at Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden with Jens Bogren, who has previously worked with OPETH, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, AMON AMARTH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK and SYMPHONY X, to name a few. It marks the band's first-ever album involving an outside producer, having historically opted to record themselves in association with Karl Groom.

  • OVERKILL's BOBBY 'BLITZ' ELLSWORTH Featured In 'Tour Pranks' Episode (Video)

    Each episode of Digital Tour Bus's "Tour Pranks" features an artist telling one, or more, of their favorite prank stories from being on tour. The latest episode, which can be seen below, focuses on vocalist Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth of legendary thrashers OVERKILL. Said Blitz: "I think one of the main things about staying happy on tour is being able to laugh and being able to have a good time. A lot of the work goes in prior to the tour, and when you get out here, it's really about the release. So playing jokes is… I mean, that is the best part of getting together with a group of guys that you see a hundred and fifty nights a year and pranking on each other and pranking on other bands." He continued: "It just brought to mind this prank we had done. It was a band that had opened for us. The band was called SEVEN WITCHES and their singer's name was James Rivera, out of Houston, Texas. And James is short in stature — approximately 5' 1" or 5' 2"; a shorter dude. And I remember that he would run out onto the stage. So what we had done was before, we had taken the microphone and extended is as high as it could possibly go and then put another link in it. And then in front of that, we put a chair. And then we held James back until the only way he could hit that first note was to climb up on that chair to get to the microphone." Blitz added: "All in good fun, James. I hope you remember the story." OVERKILL recently inked a new worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records. Previously signed to the label for Europe only, OVERKILL's first worldwide release on Nuclear Blast will be a special box set comprised of the band's entire back catalog, due out this fall. OVERKILL and SYMPHONY X will join forces for a North American tour in September/October. The 24-date co-headlining trek launches at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts on September 18, hits four Canadian cities, then wraps up with a very special night at Terminal 5 in New York City on October 17 — the first time in the bands’ combined histories that they'll play a show together in their own backyard. OVERKILL's latest album, "White Devil Armory", sold around 8,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 31 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD was released on July 22, 2014 in North America via eOne Music and on July 18, 2014 in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records. The effort was tracked at Gear Recording and was mixed by Greg Reely, who also worked on 2012's "The Electric Age".

  • EXODUS's TOM HUNTING Says STEVE 'ZETRO' SOUZA Is 'Singing Better Than He Ever Has'

    Washed Up Media conducted an interview with drummer Tom Hunting of San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal veterans EXODUS at this year's New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, which was held April 17-19 at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts. You can now watch the chat below. Speaking about how things are going with EXODUS at the moment, Tom said: "This band's had the roller coaster of members and lineup changes. I myself have been out of the band three times, so… We're in a good place right now. I mean, Zetro [Steve Souza, vocals] coming back, everything is fresh and he's kind of still in the honeymoon stage again. And he's singing better than he ever has. I mean, I don't know what he did to take care of his voice for the time he took away from the band, but… He did various projects: HATRIOT, and his other band AC/DZ, 'cause he's got that perfect Bon Scott [delivery]. They do AC/DC Bon Scott-era stuff. He was hungry for this. He wanted it really bad, and we needed somebody that wanted it really bad." EXODUS and TESTAMENT recently joined forces for the "Dark Roots Of Thrash II" tour. The trek conquered North America for five weeks, beginning April 1 in San Francisco, and included select TESTAMENT and EXODUS festival performances. Support on the tour came from Texas melodic metal assailants SHATTERED SUN. EXODUS's latest album, "Blood In Blood Out", sold around 8,800 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 38 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released in North America on October 14, 2014 via Nuclear Blast, the CD art was illustrated by Swedish artist Pär Olofsson, known worldwide for his incredible renderings that have graced the covers of countless heavy metal albums, including EXODUS' "Let There Be Blood". "Blood In Blood Out" is EXODUS' first album since the departure of the band's lead singer of the past nine years, Rob Dukes, and the return of his predecessor, Steve "Zetro" Souza, who previously fronted EXODUS from 1986 to 1993 and from 2002 to 2004.

  • AC/DC's BRIAN JOHNSON To Guest On Comedian JIM BREUER's Rock Album

    AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has recorded a guest appearance on the upcoming rock album from Jim Breuer, comedian, SiriusXM host and diehard heavy metal fan. The CD, which is being produced by former ANTHRAX and current VOLBEAT guitarist Rob Caggiano, is tentatively due before the end of the year. During an appearance on the "Opie Radio" talk show, Breuer recalled Johhson's studio session for the track that will be included on the comedian's album. He said (hear audio below): "[Brian] comes in the studio… Dude, let me tell you something… Why this guy is a real… probably the only rock star that does this. He comes in there and goes, 'Ah, I'm ready to go.' And we go, 'Well, we're ready for you whenever you're ready. We've got this studio.' So he goes, 'Fuck! I ain't going in there. I wanna do it right here in the fucking board room. That's where I record. And I don't want no headphones; that's fucking cheatin'. I wanna stand here with a mic like I'm on stage.' And he recorded in the board room with no headphones — just standing there. I mean, he was sweatin'; he was so into it. But [the song is] perfect for him." He continued: "Before [Brian] came in, I laid the vocals down to kind of give him an idea to sing along to it. That's what the producer does for me. I don't know my voice. I can imitate people. I can do Ozzy [Osbourne] or I can do James [Hetfield], or whoever, but I don't know what my real voice sounds like. So I didn't know what I was gonna sound like. So what the producer would do is, like, 'Breuer, you need to hit this note…' So he would go in and go, 'Sing it it the way…' and then I'd listen and copy. So that's what we did for Brian. And [Brian] comes in, and he's listening [back to his tracks], and at one point it was me, him, the producer and one other guy, and we're listening to [the song], and none of us knew who was doing [the lead]. I went, 'No, that's… Wait. That's Brian.' And Brian's, like, 'No, that's not me. That's Jimmy.' And I'm, like, 'No, Brian. That's definitely you.' And he was, like, 'Fuck no. I know my fucking voice. That's fucking you, Jim.' And then the producer's, like, 'I think it's… No, it's you, Brian… No. Fuck! Maybe it is Jim.' We had no clue who it was. We had no clue." Breuer previously stated about his upcoming album: "I think the music is going to be very respectable. I think it's going to surprise most people. I think the hard rock, metal world will embrace [it], where many other people who thought it was going to be really funny will think, 'Oh, he really wasn't that funny in it. He wrote some real songs.' So, I don't know what to expect from it, but it's definitely hard rock and metal for my generation." Asked if he gets more starstruck when he meets certain musicians as opposed to meeting legendary comedians he idolizes, Breuer said: "I definitely, hands down, 100 percent am more comfortable around the rock guys because I just instantly feel like I relate to them much easier. We're not competing, there's no animosity, there's a general respect and a mutual respect for one another. I really enjoy being in the rock world. They're funny, 90 percent of them are funny. And they're guys that you would just hang out with and it's awesome." In a recent interview with The Aquarian Weekly, Caggiano stated about his involvement with Breuer's album: "[Jim is] a big comedian in the States. He's making a rock record and I'm producing it and I'm also playing the guitar and writing all the music and stuff. But, yeah, we had Brian Johnson on one of the tracks and that was amazing. It was surreal. One of my idols."

  • COAL CHAMBER: 'Rivals' First-Week Sales Revealed

    "Rivals, the comeback album from COAL CHAMBER, the reformed '90s alt-metal band fronted by current DEVILDRIVER singer Dez Fafara, sold around 7,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 80 on The Billboard 200 chart (which includes stream activity). The band's first CD in over thirteen years, which released on May 19 North America via Napalm, was recorded in part at Audiohammer studio in Sanford, Florida with producer Mark Lewis (DEVILDRIVER, CANNIBAL CORPSE). Asked who the "rivals" are that he is talking about in the title of COAL CHAMBER's new album, Dez said: "It's really more about the artwork and how [the word] 'rivals' is scratched out." He continued: "Rivals can be your inner demons, your inner self; [or] exterior factors that are negative influences on your life. But either way, they've gotta go. And that's kind of what this whole thing is about. If you go inside the record and you listen to the lyrics, it's about expelling demons and getting rid of negative influences in and around your life." Speaking to The Age Of Metal, Fafara stated about what fans can expect from "Rivals": "We put a lot of work into it, and it seems to be getting just a very positive [response]. But what you can expect is a record that, when it's done, you're gonna wanna push 'play' again. I mean, we really, really honed in on it, and I think that's pretty evident." Regarding the writing process for "Rivals", Dez said: "We locked ourselves in a room and just waited until it was very tight. Then [the other guys in the band] would throw me songs and I would throw them back lyrics, and that's how it came together. It's a very democratic process when it comes to COAL CHAMBER and the writing. And I think they did a great job. It was extremely freeing to do this record, 'cause I could use anything I want — I could use high screams, low screams, clean vocals, whisper tracks… all sorts of stuff — which was very freeing as an artist to do. It was a great time to record. And I think you can feel that within the record. We didn't record with a click track, so [there are] ebbs and flows. Nothing was copied an pasted; everything was sung. I hit most of the stuff the first time I did the vocals, and the music itself is really raw and has a really great feel to it. I think it has a fresh feel to it. Don't expect a throwback record. It's not gonna sound like a throwback record. It's us moving forward." "Rivals" track listing: 01. I.O.U. Nothing 02. Bad Blood Between Us 03. Light In The Shadows 04. Suffer In Silence 05. The Bridges You Burn 06. Orion 07. Another Nail In The Coffin 08. Rivals 09. Wait 10. Dumpster Dive 11. Over My Head 12. Fade Away (Karma Never Forgets) 13. Empty Handed


  • WHITESNAKE's 'The Purple Album: First-Week Sales Revealed

    WHITESNAKE's "The Purple Album", which revisits singer David Coverdale's time as the frontman for DEEP PURPLE's "Burn", "Stormbringer" and "Come Taste The Band" studio albums, sold around 6,900 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 84 on The Billboard 200 chart (which includes stream activity). Other "The Purple Album" first-week chart positions: #8: Japan #9: Finland #11: Switzerland #13 in Germany #17: Czech Republic #18: Sweden #18: United Kingdom #24: The Netherlands #34: Norway "The Snakes and I are thrilled with the incredibly positive response to 'The Purple Album'," says Coverdale. "Our sincere thanks to ALL for the amazing support we're receiving for the album and 'The Purple Tour'!" WHITESNAKE is planning to release a limited-edition box set of "The Purple Album" on June 30. The box set includes the deluxe edition of the CD alongside a 180-gram, 2-LP vinyl version, a poster and sticker as well as a limited-edition lithograph and can be ordered here. The 180-gram vinyl, also available as a stand-alone piece and can be ordered here. WHITESNAKE has released four different videos (a combination of traditional music videos and static YouTube clips) for songs from "The Purple Album". Added together, these videos total have received over a million plays and counting, showing that fans new and old still love this iconic material, band and vocalist. The current WHITESNAKE lineup features David Coverdale on vocals, Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra on guitars, Michael Devin on bass and Tommy Aldridge on drums. WHITESNAKE will hit the road this month in support of "The Purple Album". The 42-city trek kicks off on May 28 in Airway Heights, Washington and runs through the summer, wrapping up on August 16 in St. Charles, Missouri. WHITESNAKE was formed in England in 1978 by Coverdale. The band has released multi-platinum selling albums throughout the years and is known for such hits as "Slide It In", "Here I Go Again", "Still Of The Night" and "Is This Love". "The Purple Album" track listing: 01. Burn 02. You Fool No One (interpolating Itchy Fingers) 03. Love Child 04. Sail Away 05. The Gypsy 06. Lady Double Dealer 07. Mistreated 08. Holy Man 09. Might Just Take Your Life 10. You Keep On Moving 11. Soldier Of Fortune 12. Lay Down, Stay Down 13. Stormbringer Deluxe edition bonus tracks: 14. Lady Luck 15. Comin' Home DVD content: * "Lady Double Dealer" - Music Video * "Sail Away" - Mix Music Video * "Stormbringer" - Music Video * "Soldier Of Fortune" - Music Video * "The Purple Album" Behind The Scenes * "The Purple Album" EPK



    ÆGES has inked a world-wide deal with Another Century. The band is currently in the studio with producer Bob Marlette (BLACK SABBATH, SHINEDOWN, ROB ZOMBIE) recording its third album for a fall release. ÆGES melds riffs that echo from California desert sand and imbues them with a post-hardcore angst and the smarts of the most challenging of '90s alt-rock. It's no surprise that ÆGES is the juncture of a band whose current members have helmed such a diverse array of bands as 16, THE RISE, CUTTHROATS 9, JULIETTE & THE LICKS and UNWRITTEN LAW. ÆGES guitarist/vocalist Kemble Walters states: "We're all excited to announce our signing to Another Century. We've seen what they've done with their other artists and can't wait to see what they've got planned for us. "We are currently in the studio with Bob Marlette making a slamming record. We definitely didn't skimp out on the nasty riffs and fat hooks! "2015 has been amazing and 2016 is going to be an even bigger year for us. Believe me when I say 'we're all buckled up and ready to roll!'" Adds drummer Mike Land: "We're thrilled to be partnering with Another Century. "As a band, we're looking forward to recording the biggest and best ÆGES album to date. "We've written a diverse array of songs for this release; from heavy and chaotic, to soulful and atmospheric. We feel that our fans, both existing and new, will be able to find something timeless in the new material." ÆGES has shared stages with a spectrum of bands that runs the gamut from THRICE and COHEED & CAMBRIA to BLACK BREATH and BUCKCHERRY.

  • THY ART IS MURDER: First 'Holy War' Trailer

    Australia's incendiary extreme musical export THY ART IS MURDER will release its third studio album, "Holy War", on June 30 via Nuclear Blast. Produced and mixed by Will Putney (SUICIDE SILENCE, EXHUMED, THE ACACIA STRAIN), the CD will be made available in various formats: digital; limited digipak + bonus track; assorted color vinyl; exclusive mail-order picture disc. The first in a series of trailers for "Holy War" is available below. "Holy War" track listing: 01. Absolute Genocide 02. Light Bearer 03. Holy War 04. Coffin Dragger 05. Fur And Claw 06. Deliver Us To Evil 07. Emptiness 08. Violent Reckoning 09. Child Of Sorrow 10. Naked And Cold 11. Vengeance (bonus track; initial CD pressings and vinyl only) THY ART IS MURDER guitarist Andrew Marsh shares the following about the origins of the new album and its title: "Late last year, we entered the studio in secret to create our follow up to 'Hate', free of expectation and public pressure. What we came out with was a reaction to things going on around the world that crawl under our skin, that make us feel sick to be alive. Musically, it is darker, faster and more technical than anything we've done in the past and it hits hard lyrically. We wrote about concerns of ours, real issues, hardships that people are facing around the world today. Of course, it wouldn't be a THY ART record if a lot of those affairs weren't rooted in religion somehow, and what better way to sum up the state of all things than by entitling our album 'Holy War'. This is our war on racism, homophobia, child abuse, animal cruelty and all evil born of religious immunity, indoctrination, and ignorance. It is ultimately a push for secularism and humanism. Without it, we will be left in the hands of mad men." Rising from the unhallowed wastes of Western Sydney, THY ART IS MURDER successfully cleaved a trail of blood and mayhem since their inception in 2006. With the acclaimed "Infinite Death" EP (2008) and their debut album, "The Adversary" (2010) firmly establishing their name in the global metal music scene, the band has traversed highways and autobahns all around the world, playing 342 tour dates alone in support of their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut, "Hate" (2012), which landed at No. 35 on the Top 40 ARIA chart — the highest chart debut of any Australian extreme metal band. Known for their tireless work ethic, THY ART IS MURDER performed at Summer Slaughter 2014 aand 2013, headlined their own "Hate Across America" tour in 2013, and supported EMMURE and BORN OF OSIRIS in 2014, playing throughout the U.S. more times in a two-year period than any other Australian band in any genre of music. Band photo by Thomas Savage


  • FEAR FACTORY: 'Genexus' Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

    Los Angeles-based cyber metallers FEAR FACTORY will release their ninth studio album, "Genexus", on August 7 worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The follow-up to 2012's "The Industrialist" was co-produced by longtime collaborator Rhys Fulber, along with guitarist Dino Cazares and vocalist Burton C. Bell and mixed by Andy Sneap (ARCH ENEMY, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, MACHINE HEAD). Artwork was once again handled by Anthony Clarkson. Drums on "Genexus" were performed by Mike Heller (MALIGNANCY). "The word 'genexus' is a hybrid of two words: 'genesis' and 'nexus,'" explains vocalist Burton C. Bell. "This word describes the next transition in human evolution as man moves forward to a 'mechanical' state of being. Ray Kurzweil predicts that the singularity will occur around 2045. 'Genexus' is the term for that next evolutionary process. Where humans are machines, machines are human, and the differences are oblivious to the naked eye." He continues: "This album is a record of thought patterns, psychology and struggles of the Genexus generation. The cognitive machine has arrived, and it wants autonomy from the industry that created it. This machine struggles, like every other human has throughout the course of history. This is the story of every one of us." "Genexus" track listing: 01. Autonomous Combat System 02. Anodized 03. Dielectric 04. Soul Hacker 05. Protomech 06. Genexus 07. Church Of Execution 08. Regenerate 09. Battle For Utopia 10. Expiration Date Limited digipak bonus tracks: 11. Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix) 12. Enhanced Reality Says Cazares: "The sensation of finalizing our newest album is one of relief and joy, wrapped within a massive whirlwind of excitement. "We really feel this is a very special FEAR FACTORY album. While being careful not to replicate ourselves, this album still has a very classic FEAR FACTORY vibe that we feel will appease both old and new fans. The aggressive, melodic and industrial elements are all intact and shine more than ever. "Burt and I produced the album with Rhys Fulber co-producing. Damien Rainuad and Giuseppe Bassi handled most of the keys and pre-production. We also enlisted the masterful metallic skills of Andy Sneap for an amazing mixing job! "We would like to thank everyone who has been a big part in the making of this record. We can't wait for everybody to hear it." Speaking about what FEAR FACTORY is trying to accomplish with its forthcoming album, the band's first since signing with Nuclear Blast, Cazares said: "It's still just to be who we are. We are 'cyber metal,' whatever you wanna call it, but it's still a lot of the killer riffs, killer double bass, Burt's beautiful, melodic vocals. Conceptually, it's always still futuristic, man-versus-machine type of thing, but, you know, we thought we're gonna keep it real, keep it what we are and who we are." Asked about how it feels to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of FEAR FACTORY's classic "Demanufacture" album in 2015 with only two members of the band's classic lineup remaining in the group, Dino said: "The two main members are in the band right now. The soul of the machine is still intact, and that's me and Burton. And I don't think anything has changed, really." He continued: "Every album we do always has to have something a little different. From the beginning, from the first album, 'Soul Of A New Machine', it was very death metal inspired, [with] a little bit of industrial. The second album, 'Demanufacture', the classic album… Every record changes. 'Obsolete' was a big difference, you know what I mean?! But my right hand is still there, the passion is still there, Burt's killer melodic vocals are still there. So I think that's all that matters." In an interview with Silver Tiger Media, Bell stated about the new FEAR FACTORY album: "It's classic FEAR FACTORY sound, the sound that fans have always expected, but I think because we are taking our time, the songs are really well crafted. Without losing the edge or the angst. Without losing the essence of FEAR FACTORY, but they are well-crafted songs." FEAR FACTORY recently parted ways with bassist Matt DeVries (previously of CHIMAIRA, where he played guitar, and SIX FEET UNDER and replaced him with Tony Campos (ex-SOULFLY, STATIC-X, PRONG, MINISTRY). FEAR FACTORY will hit the road this July with COAL CHAMBER. Photo credit: Kevin Estrada fearfactorygenexuscd

  • DEICIDE's Denver Concert To Be Streamed On YAHOO!

    DEICIDE has teamed up with Live Nation and Yahoo! to live-stream the band's June 3 concert from Denver, Colorado. This is one of 365 concerts to stream over a 12-month period on the Live Nation channel on Yahoo! Screen. Fans can tune in on May 8 at 9:15 p.m. ET at this location. Fans will also have the freedom to stream the concert wherever they are through Yahoo Screen on iOS, Android, mobile Web, desktop, and Smart TV platforms, including Apple TV, Roku and Xbox 360. DEICIDE will headline the fifth installment of the annual Metal Alliance tour. Support on the trek will come from ENTOMBED A.D., HATE ETERNAL, BLACK CROWN INITIATE and SVART CROWN. Each year, Metal Alliance assembles a package that celebrates the various genres of metal. For more information, visit the Metal Alliance tour web site. DEICIDE's latest album, "In The Minds Of Evil", sold 2,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release. Issued on November 25, 2013 via Century Media Records, the follow-up to 2011's "To Hell With God" was recorded at AudioHammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof (TRIVIUM, AUGUST BURNS RED, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ALL THAT REMAINS, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER). ENTOMBED A.D.'s "Back To The Front" album was released on August 5, 2014 via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded at Studio Bohus (ABBA, EUROPE) in Kungälv, Sweden with producer Roberto Laghi (IN FLAMES, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR). The cover artwork was painted by Zbigniew Bielak (WATAIN, VADER). "Back To The Front" was made available under the name ENTOMBED A.D. in order to avoid a legal battle with ENTOMBED guitarist Alex Hellid who didn't want his former bandmates to use the ENTOMBED moniker. deicidemetalalliance2015

  • FAITH NO MORE's 'Sol Invictus' Sells 31,000 Copies In U.S. First Week

    "Sol Invictus", FAITH NO MORE's long-awaited follow-up to 1997's "Album Of The Year", sold around 31,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 14 on The Billboard 200 chart (which includes stream activity). The CD, which was released on May 19 via the band's newly formed imprint Reclamation Recordings, which is distributed by Ipecac Recordings, also landed at No. 2 in Australia, No. 4 in Germany and No. 6 in the U.K. FAITH NO MORE founder and bass player, Bill Gould, who oversaw the production of the album, said: "What this tells me is that there is a need out there; people want to hear things that exist outside the mold. It makes me feel grateful and it gives me hope." Added Greg Werckman, co-owner of Ipecac Recordings: "We are honored to be a part of the FAITH NO MORE team and very proud of the success of 'Sol Invictus'. Of course, none of this would have happened without the band delivering such a fantastic record and them having faith in us to handle it properly." Regarding FAITH NO MORE's musical approach on "Sol Invictus", Gould said: "What I can say is that I think through our experience as musicians over the years, I think what we're doing reflects where we've gone since we made our last record as FAITH NO MORE. I think this kicks things up a notch. And I think there's parts that are very powerful and there's parts that have a lot of 'space.' Everything we do, with our chemistry, the way we play; it's always going to sound like us. It's just what we do, that makes us feel good." Gould added: "When we split up, we explored what we could do on our own. During that time, we each developed what was a natural part of ourselves. Now, coming back, we have a wider perspective so we can do things we didn't even think of back in the day. If we were to decide to do country-western music, it would still sound like a FAITH NO MORE album. Together we have a strong collective identity, and when we work together it makes its own animal." Asked why FAITH NO MORE decided to make its first new album since 1997, despite being adamant for years that it would never happen, keyboardist Roddy Bottum told Music Feeds: "We, kind of, as a band, did a lot of shows together a couple of years ago, and it was a little bit of a coming together as friends and collaborators, and we liked being together again. And it seemed like new material was the next logical step after a bunch of reunion shows that we did. We wanted to continue doing what we do." Added drummer Mike Bordin: "There was no intention of doing an album when we started the [reunion] shows. As Roddy said, we just tried to get together and play and, honestly, see how it felt — see how it felt to be ourselves." Continued Roddy: "Yeah, there was a conscientious decision at one point, I remember, amongst us, backstage, kind of deciding that we really didn't wanna do any more shows just playing the old material. So we felt like the place to go was… I mean, to make ourselves feel good, we needed to make a record and make some new songs, and that's what we did. And it wasn't material that we had sitting around from before. It was all stuff that was inspired by the moment." faithnomoresolcdcover

  • SLIPKNOT: Two-Camera Fan-Filmed Mix Of Bloomington Performance

    A two-camera fan-filmed mix of SLIPKNOT's May 8 performance in Bloomington, Illinois can be seen below. SLIPKNOT guitarist Jim Root told the Des Moines Register in a new interview that he's ready for the band to make its sixth studio album and has already written music for it. Root explained, "We haven’t been able to do two albums back to back since our first one and Iowa. We're at a point in our career where the band is on top of its game. If we take two years or however long away, who knows if we could come back? Someone might decide they want to direct or write or other bands' projects might take priority. I plan for the best and expect the worst. I started writing again today. Hopefully the songs will be on a new SLIPKNOT record. If not, I'll find something else to do with them." It was six years between SLIPKNOT's 2008 album, "All Hope Is Gone", and last year's ".5: The Gray Chapter", during which the band dealt with the death of bassist Paul Gray in 2010 and the dismissal of drummer Joey Jordison in 2013. SLIPKNOT's "Summer's Last Stand" tour kicks off on July 24 in West Palm Beach, Florida, wrapping up six weeks later on September 5 in Dallas. Joining SLIPKNOT on the road trip will be LAMB OF GOD, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. The summer jaunt follows a brief spring run that SLIPKNOT launched on April 25 at the Fort Rock festival in Fort Myers, Florida and ended on May 16 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • 36 CRAZYFISTS And PUCK HCKY Make Hockey Apparel With A Metal Edge

    PUCK HCKY, LLC, in collaboration with the hard rock band 36 CRAZYFISTS, is excited to announce the release of a collection of custom-designed hockey apparel with a metal edge. The apparel line takes the spirit and culture of hockey, gives it a metal edge, offering fans of both worlds a more genuine and exclusive connection to the band members of 36 CRAZYFISTS. In addition to blasting great music out of the state of Alaska for the better part of twenty years and amassing a global fan-base, the members of 36 CRAZYFISTS are known for being intense hockey fans. The designs get to their Alaskan roots with some haunting images of the Sitka (Alaskan state tree) combined with graphics from their new album, "Time And Trauma", out now via Spinefarm Records. Since the band members are all long-time Philadelphia Flyers fans, you’ll also find the 36 CRAZYFISTS x PUCK HCKY take on the Flyers' alternate jersey. "36 CRAZYFISTS is happy to announce our collaboration with Michigan-based hockey apparel company PUCK HCKY. Combining heavy tunes and heavy hits into a really cool merch line between the two companies. F'n Rights!" said 36 CRAZYFISTS lead singer Brock Lindow. The apparel line is the first installment in PUCK HCKY's "Loud As Puck" collection, a group of designs that bring the hockey lifestyle over into various music genres. "36 CRAZYFISTS was a natural fit for us. Not only have we been a fan of their music for 15 years, but also the band members are total hockey freaks just like us," said PUCK HCKY CEO Matt Marini. Beyond the apparel collaboration, Matt and Brock also write a weekly hockey column together on MetalInsider.net called "Snipe City". To view the "Loud As Puck" collection, featuring collaborative designs with 36 CRAZYFISTS, visit www.puckhcky.com. 36cfhockey

  • SEPULTURA's ANDREAS KISSER, DERRICK GREEN Interviewed On FOX 17 In Grand Rapids (Video)

    On Tuesday, May 26, guitarist Andreas Kisser and vocalist Derrick Green of Brazilian/American metallers SEPULTURA were interviewed on the FOX 17 morning news show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can now watch the segment below. SEPULTURA is currently headlining a North American tour with support from German thrashers DESTRUCTION and American melodic tech-deathsters ARSIS. The mayhem kicked off in Phoenix, Arizona on May 10 and will end on June 14 in Grand Junction, Colorado. SEPULTURA was joined by legendary guitarist Steve Vai on stage during the band's May 9 performance at the Rock In Rio USA festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. SEPULTURA recently recorded a new song called "DarkSide" for the Brazilian publisher DarkSide Books. The track was "inspired by the darker side of literature." This is not the first time a member of SEPULTURA has collaborated with DarkSide Books. Back in 2013, SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser wrote the foreword to the BLACK SABBATH biography "Destruição Desencadeada". As previously reported, SEPULTURA will celebrate its 30th anniversary by releasing a special tribute to their fans. The band has asked fans to contribute to the artwork for a new track, and the result is "Sepultura Under My Skin", which will be released on June 5 on colored vinyl. The artwork for this release was created using pictures of tattoos of SEPULTURA fans all over the world. SEPULTURA's latest album, "The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart", sold around 1,800 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD came out on October 29, 2013 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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