Join Z104 at the Fillmor in Wausau

Feb 22, 2013 -- 3:10pm

This week I had a chace to speak with Jon of Modern Echo, Jared of Surrender the Fall and DC of Eye Empire. All of those bands will be at the Fillmor in downtown Wausau Saturday night (2/23). These guys are the most down to earth group of people to talk to. Jon used to play with Shattered Red and has been to Wausau several times over the years. Jared passed through as a youngster on vacation with his parents. And you'd never know DC was with a band that's on the rise getting national touring gigs with a single on the charts. And 4th Floor, well, we all know what those guys are about! Go to and listen to the podcast of these interviews. I hope you can all make it out to the Fillmor for this show, it's going to be a blast! Great guys and great rock is comin' to your front door!

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